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Religious Week 2019

The Annual Religious Week was held from 21-24 May 2019, under the direction of the Department of Religion of the school. The theme for this school year is ¨Our Light of Truth Shines Forever¨, coordinating with the theme of the 60th anniversary celebration of Rosaryhill School.
At the Secondary School, Bible reflection and sharing on “the Light of Truth” was delicately selected for every Morning Prayer during the week in the School Chapel by Father Supervisor, the Principal and Dominican Friars who serve at the School. The Light of Christ, the ultimate wisdom, shines through each of us, passing the Light from one generation to the next, including the children and youth who are receiving education at the school.
Moreover, a special Song-praise ¨Shine, Jesus Shine¨ was held in the School Chapel in which Secondary teachers and students sang praises in Chinese, English and Spanish. The God-given talents of awesome voices, fluency in multiple languages and most importantly, the faith in Jesus Christ, shone brightly throughout this joyful event.
On 22-23May 2019, Kindergarten and Primary 1 to 4 students paid devotion to Our Lady of Fatima in the chapel in the morning. Different colors of light shone from the school. A short video was played as an introduction of the story of Fatima which happened over a hundred years ago. It greatly aroused students’ interest because the three shepherds involved were about the age of the students. All Kindergarten and Primary 2 and 3 students were then invited to offer their roses in front of the statue of Our Lady of Rosary. Some of the students even asked if they could again bring roses on the next day for Mother Mary. The devotion ended with singing and praying the rosary. The students were attentive throughout the Catholic devotion and many experienced something new, which helped them to better relate to the “Rosary”. 
On 24 May 2019, the feast day of our dearest Father St. Dominic was solemnly celebrated with Mass in the School Hall, which was the summit of the Religious Week. All three sections contributed their special lights and made the Mass more brilliant and shining. he private sections mainly made the general arrangements The Primary section coordinated with different parties and made the seating plan and PowerPoint presentation. Kindergarten decorated the altar, prepared flowers and fruits, and played the organ. The Secondary Section helped with IT and various other facilities. Students and teachers from Primary and Secondary actively served in front of the altar by offering to do readings, prayers to the faithful and presenting offerings during the Mass. All teachers and students from Secondary, Primary 5-6 students, some Kindergarten students, the friars and the laity of the Dominican family in Hong Kong joyfully joined in the Mass celebration. Through the mission of the Order of Preachers in ¨speaking always with God and about God¨, we could see with the eyes of faith Jesus and His salvation to all people.
The Mass also marked the end of the annual religious week, and the beginning of a renewed spirit to continue bringing the Light of Truth to the future.

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