Remembrance Mass 2018-2019

             On November 2, 2018 Rosaryhill School held the Remembrance Mass at 12:00 noon at the school chapel. All Catholic students and teachers participated in the Mass. The aim of the devotion was to pray for the souls of our departed Dominican Friars, Rosarians, relatives, benefactors and friends.
            Fr Hyacinth He officiated over the Remembrance Mass together with Fr Jose Salas and Fr Jordan Zhang, assisted by Deacon Br. Bosco. In the sermon, Fr He urged us not only
to pray for the souls in purgatory and show our filial piety to our departed ancestors, he also stressed the importance of doing penance and charity work. Thank you to the Religious Studies Department for preparing some remembrance cards for students and teachers to post up their intentions for the souls of departed family members, relatives and friends on a board, for whom the mass particularly prayed to be consoled. All of us had a good opportunity to be reminded of the meaning of life and death, as well as the communion with our departed and loved ones.