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Annual Staff Recollection Day 2019

            The annual Staff Recollection Day was held at the school hall of Rosaryhill School on 17 April 2019. The School Supervisor Father HYACINTH HE YOUSUN OP led the teachers and staff of all sections to explore and contemplate ¨God's pedagogy¨, through some inspiring scenes from the movie ¨Dangal¨. The movie is based on the true story of two successful female wrestlers in India, who received very special formation and education from their father. In the sharing of Father HYACINTH HE YOUSUN OP, the roles played and interplayed by the key ¨authors of education¨, including parents, the civil society, educators and the Church, were highly stressed.  Father HYACINTH HE YOUSUN OP reminded colleagues that instilling the knowledge and understanding of God and His Love to all is the core mission of all Catholic schools, including Rosaryhill School. A group discussion was conducted using the key characters in the movie. After the group discussion, a representative from each group
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